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The I Am Young America Fellowship Program matches six of tomorrow’s civic entrepreneurs with small businesses who need help, to fellowship in Detroit for up to a year. Fellows work up to four days per week at host Partner Companies and once per week at I Am Young America’s headquarters to gain insights into startup life.

Fellows participate in mentor-led workshops, work on the development of web apps, document their own and other entrepreneur’s experiences, and collaborate on a grand finale project. They’ll walk away with the tools, experience, and contacts needed to begin their own startup journeys. Learn more about the program below.


Startup Matching

blog_thriftontheave_praters_1 I Am Young America Fellows are matched with our Small Business Partners who will host them up to four days per week at their headquarters.

Our Partners are Under 40-led and/or Under 5 years old, have expressed and demonstrated capacity needs, and operate within the following industries in the city of Detroit:

  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Food/Drink
  • Nonprofit
  • Manufacturing

Tailored Experiences

Each Fellowship is custom tailored to meet the needs of both our Fellows and Startup Partners.

Example: Cree is a high school senior interested in pursuing an entrepreneurship career in fashion after college, but she’s not sure where to start. She’s great with social media, has some sewing experience, and has worked in retail the entire summer.

In Cree’s case we’d try our best to match her with a Startup Partner that operates in retail or manufacturing. Cree’s background in social media would make her a great asset to our Partner’s marketing team, who could use additional assistance in managing their social media accounts.

Cree’s lack of clarity when it comes to her own business idea would be addressed during custom workshops. She’d also be matched with a mentor who has extensive knowledge and background in fashion for a 1:1 session that could lead to ongoing opportunities.

Real World Training

During the program Fellows will not only work on projects and tasks employed by their host companies, but they’ll also learn other practical skills that can be applied in many career fields.

Click the subjects below to find out more about how they’ll be incorporated into the program.


Fellows will document the stories of their host companies to create exclusive web content to help inspire other future entrepreneurs in the city of Detroit and beyond.

Team Building

Fellows will work in teams to collaborate with an I Am Young America member to use the skills they’ve learned to help produce a grand final project.


Steps that were utilized to produce the grand finale project will be documented with video cameras and edited with video editing software by Fellows to create a future I Am Young America webisode.

App Development

Through our app we hope to mobilize the general public to create an ecosystem of recognizing, connecting with, and supporting America’s youngest entrepreneurs. We’ll empower our Fellows to help us build our apps and make them stronger with innovative ideas and features to help them grow.


– Must be 18 to 25 years old by April 30, 2018.

– Must reside in the City of Detroit.


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