Coming Soon: The I Am Young America Fellowship

The I Am Young America Fellowship Program matches six of tomorrow’s civic entrepreneurs (ages 16 to 24) with current under-35 led startups to fellowship in Detroit for one year.

Together the team collaborates with our members to help take their Detroit-based business ideas to the next level.

The entire process is documented to create exclusive web and video content to help inspire other aspiring youth entrepreneurs in the city of Detroit.

Our Fellows also work up to four days per week at host companies and once a week at I Am Young America to gain insights into startup life.

Fellows participate in mentor-led workshops, work on the development of web apps, document their own and other entrepreneur’s experiences, and collaborate on a  grand finale project.

Fellows will walk away with the tools, experience, and contacts to begin their own startup journeys.

We’re currently seeking Startup Partners for our inaugural cohort, please contact us for more information.

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Margarita Barry

I Am Young America Founder & Publisher. Artist, Designer, Blogger & Entrepreneur Margarita Barry's dream is to amplify the success of I Am Young Detroit with I Am Young America, highlighting how teens, 20 somethings, and 30 somethings all over the country are making their mark on their communities through entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. She lives in Detroit with her five year old daughter Posey, watching unseemly amounts of television and plotting her next retail venture.

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